Ashe Cosplay eBook & Patterns (Bundle)

Ashe Cosplay eBook & Patterns (Bundle) Ashe Cosplay eBook & Patterns (Bundle)
-Pack Ashe Cosplay- Content: - The Making of Ashe (eBook - PDF - English - 30 pages) - Ashe Cosplay Patterns 1:1 (PDF) - How to print 1:1 patterns (.txt) This tutorial pack contains a booklet that will show you how I created my costume of Ashe. There are step by step guides for each part of the costume with an explanation of the techniques involved. You will also find a 1:1 patterns set to help you to create your own cosplay of Ashe including bow, quiver, bracers, legs, breastplate, pauldrons, hood, gloves and capes patterns.
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