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Thursday 08 August 2019

About me

My name is Sonia aka Cinderys ! I'm from Paris, France, and my costume adventure started in 2014 . I'm not a full-time cosplayer. I'm also a 2D/3D concept artist and a streamer ! YES, I love video games ! Cosplay is the ideal equation between my passion for video games, designing costumes for the others and also for myself, and of course, performing on stage. I traveled in many countries as a convention guest where I was asked to be a judge in the cosplay contests, to do meet and greet and to host panels. I spend most of my time building costumes and props from my favorite video games, anime or movies, and create cosplay designs. I love sharing my passion and crafting experience with the others through my books, social medias and during my streaming on Twitch.

I'm very thankful that Video Game is my job and everywhere in my life ! ❤

Why a website ?

I think it's an important step when you want to progress and become a professional artist.

My situation depends on your support, so I thank all those who allowed me to get there. Thank you ! You're BREATHTAKING ! ❤ Now, the adventure goes on ! It's just the beginning ! I always want to challenge myself, so I will continue to share more and more content, and to do bigger and bigger projects ! That's why I need your help. There are many ways to support my work. You can do it for FREE by liking my posts, comment and share them on social medias, it will help to promote my art. Then, you can support my work here :

My Shop : PRINTS & eBOOKS are available on my website

Twitch : Cosplay, video games and art streaming

Ko-Fi : Donation goals to help me with cosplay materials

Patreon : Exclusive content & rewards

For the launch of my website, I'm doing a welcome offer : You will have 10% discount in my shop with the code WELCOME10 !

Thank you a lot for your support, it means a world to me ! ❤