Wednesday 01 April 2020


Hi! My name is Sonia aka Cinderys. I'm a French Cosplayer, 2D/3D Concept Artist and Twitch Partner!

I created a Patreon for those who want to support me and have some extra content.

- I will not stop creating content for my other platforms - Your donations / crowdfunding allow me to carry out my projects and give you access to awesome rewards. :)

So, why become my patron?

Your support on Patreon means that I would be able to devote more time to cosplay and create more content.

What are the rewards?

-2$ - Tier 1: Access to the posts I do here + Monthly Wallpaper

-5$ - Tier 2: T1 + Monthly Cosplay eBook + Polls

-10$ - Tier 3: T1 + T2 + Discount on merch + Monthly Patterns & Templates

-15$ - Photo Tier: T1 + T2 + T3 + Full Photoshoot / Selfie pack / Funny pictures

-25$ - Master Tier: T1 + T2 + T3 + Exclusive Master Badge + A5 print + A4 print + Sticker

-50$ - Legendary Tier: T1 + T2 + T3 + Master Tier + Exclusive Legendary Badge + Fansign (digital and printed)

How does Patreon work?

Step 1: You select the tier with the rewards you would like to receive!

Step 2: You can then finalize your pledge and checkout! Payment will be instant and your pledge will be logged, even if you delete your pledge during the month!

Step 3: I will then make the content after I finished the costume. I will keep you in touch and share Work in Progress, so you can support my work at any stage of the current project to get the rewards.

Step 4: You check your messages and download your rewards from the Google Drive link and I will send the physical rewards by mail directly to your doorstep!

Step 5: Enjoy your rewards! ❤

Physical rewards (prints) are sent out every 3 months in batches. This is to save shipping and the environment! Less envelopes and packaging material are used. I send digital rewards when they are complited. Usually it happens at the first half of next month.

PLEASE NOTE : Sometimes life happens and rewards may be delayed. But even if they are late you will ALWAYS get what you pledge for.

Thank you for your support!

I hope that with your help, I will be able to realize my dream: Become a full-time cosplayer!