The Year of Challenges!

Wednesday 24 March 2021

What if your favorite armored badass lady wanna be a princess? 10 crazy projects I want to do in 2021!

(Not in order)

1) My move + workshop ✓

It was my first challenge of this year and what I mostly did during this first trimester! I'm not in my small apartment anymore, I now have a workshop to craft my costumes and a gaming room to stream and work on my computer. I already shared a short video to show you the result. I'm even more motivated to work now!

2) SEXY cosplay and being more confident

Well, I use to do huge cosplays, and I'm not going to do a "hot" project, but Gamigo asked me to do a small costume for them. I really love Orchidna from ArcheAge, she has a pretty and dark queen design. I know it will help me to become more confident with my body. To be honest, I'm so damn shy... Self-criticism is my way, I'm always seeing beauty in others and never in myself. I know that social media isn't a reality, but when it's your job, you can't escape. It's often unhealthy for your body confidence, and so I'm always overthinking. I'm all the time looking on how I can become as amazing as them. No doubt they have down days too, but I know I'm hiding myself behind heavy armors and makeup. To stream on Twitch helps me to accept my "normal" look, and this "sexy" cosplay will be a good second step. :)

3) Huge & spiky Dude: Nergigante crossplay

This is the opposite of the previous project It's not because I will do one sexy cosplay that I will stop my crazy armors! x) It will be the first time I'm making a male costume and a muscle suit. Cosplay is for everyone, and I love the idea of being able to be a sexy queen and also a bulky dude haha! :D

4) Photo Editing Book : First printed book

I did many eBook, and I guess that 2021 will be the year to level up and do my first printed books! And now that I have more space, I will also add bigger prints and maybe goodies in my shop. :)

5) High level sculpts + molds + prostheses + fine details : Lilith

I already did some nice sculpts and molds for other projects, and I want to improve those skills on my Lilith's cosplay (and my Original character: High Priesstess of Hakkar too)

6) Wings + OC : High Priestess of Hakkar

And so YES! A new Original Character! Lilith also has wings, but, these ones will be more crazy and probably mechanical. It will be my BIGGEST PROJECT EVER!

7) Sewing project : OMG???

YAY! It will surely be the most challenging cosplay of this year. I already did many armors, badass, crazy and dark projects. So, what about to see your Queen of Armors in a princess dress??? I really want to improve my sewing skills. And I had a crush for the Ariel dress NikitaCosplay did (artwork by I will use her Self-made Princess tutorial book to do it.

8) Continue all the new content of 2020

Weekly live streams on Twitch (Sunday) + Patreon rewards (ebook, patterns, fan signs, etc)

9) Finish all those commissions!

Last year was such a mess for everybody... My commissions are closed since a while because I really need to finish all the older ones before. And all the designs I'm working on are simply crazy! :D

10) More videos: YOUTUBE + TIKTOK

Finally! I can't wait to share more of my work with all of you! I already created my channel/account. ARE YOU EXCITED TOO??? :D