2022 Projects

Monday 03 January 2022

2022 Projects & Goals

1) French Cosplay Cup ALL STARS - Nergigante

The climax of the Nergigante adventure! The ALL STARS is the biggest French contest. It will reunite all the finalist from the previous editions of the French Cosplay Cup.

2) The Countess : Diablo Immortal

I want to do more cosplays and bigger projects in 2022. And I can't wait to make this Lady <3 You know my love for badass characters with white hair and deadly look!

3) A League of Legends Cosplay

A new Leona! I need to remove the curse on my League of Legends cosplays: Jinx (First and cheap cosplay, I only wore it once), Leona (First armor, someone broke the sword, but it motivated me to improve the costume. I loved it so much but I sold it because I was going to do the Solar Eclipse Leona. This project was canceled because of my poor student incomes and a customer who canceled his order at the last minute.) Kayle (I did the full costume, but I didn't finished the wings and some details in time for a contest. Never finished it. Sold it.) Ashe (I started this costume to wear it at conventions. Pandemic. Ended it out of spite 6 months later. Wore it once for a quick photo shoot.)

4) Lilith : Diablo IV

High level sculpts + molds + prostheses + fine details. I can't wait to work on her! My goal is to finish her before the launch of Diablo IV, so I think it will have to be ready for 2023!

5) An international contest : Hakkar???

Well, it is the most uncertain project for 2022. I want to do it for a huge international contest, but it won't depends on me. I hope the world situation will get better.

6) Photo Editing Book

Finally! I know you're waiting for this book :)

7) Conventions

My last convention was BlizzCon 2019...

8) Commissions / Collaborations

I did many commissions and collaborations last year. So I hope that 2022 will be a good year too. :) That's why I don't plan dozens personal projects.

9) Videos & YouTube

Keep sharing on TikTok, and start to create content for YouTube too! And maybe hire someone to help me to edit the videos..?

10) Kittens ❤

This is a personal goal. I always wished to have kittens. At least once in my life. <3