2022 / 2023

Monday 02 January 2023

Happy New Year ! Thank you again for all your support, I wish you all the best for 2023!

I wanted to announce you some great news: I FOUND A HOUSE!!! It will be the beginning of a scary and exciting journey. I'm not used to live alone, it only happened during a few months in my whole life when I was starting my studies... x)

So, I would need your support more than ever!

2023 will be another busy year with so many projects :D In 2022, I did a list with 10 projects I would like to achieve. And, like last year, I'm still at that point of my cosplay journey where I have too much work for a single person, but not enough budget to hire someone. I will continue to do my best, and will definetly change that and MAKE 2023 EVEN BIGGER ❤

2022 Summary

1) French Cosplay Cup ALL STARS - Nergigante ✓

950 hours of work and a wonderful experience with my friends during the All Stars. I'm so proud! And we also did this amazing photo shooting with Sinclair ❤

2) The Countess : Diablo Immortal ✓

Collaboration with Blizzard!!! I'm so thankful to be able to work on the projects I LOVE! This means a world to me!

3) A League of Legends Cosplay ❌

I didn't break the curse on my League of Legends projects...

4) Lilith : Diablo IV +/-

Instead, I had a sponsored project, another glorious queen: Savathûn! We were 9 cosplayers all around the world to work on our own cosplay to celebrate Bungie Day.

5) An international contest ✓

Well, I did 2 cosplay contests this year: the French Cosplay Cup All Stars and the Emiru cosplay contest (Twitch)

6) Photo Editing Book ❌

Still having so much delay with the tutorial books...

7) Conventions ✓

I love to do one convention per month. Not less because I love to judge cosplay contests and meet you all! Not more because it would be too exhausting and I prefer to have time to work on my crazy projects haha! So, this year was perfect on that point!

8) Commissions / Collaborations ✓

It was such a great year on that point too! I'm in a Warcraft commercial!!! I did many campaigns for huge video games companies, I worked with Marie (EnjoyPhoenix), did several Twitch & YouTube collabs, participated in a talk show for the launch of WoW Classic and also joined BGeek! I did content for Elgato too, and huge things are coming! ;)

9) Videos & YouTube +/-

Yaaaay, TikTok is growing up so fast! But YouTube is still waiting haha xD

10) Kittens ❤

Currently waiting to know if Lilith is pregnant :$

2023 Projects & Goals

I won't do a list of goals for this year. I already know that it's going to be crazy and that I will keep doing my best!!!